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Why We Meet

The Christian life is all about relationship. God invites us into a personal relationship with him and calls us into loving relationships with each other. We meet every Sunday to help one another grow in these life-giving relationships.

At every service we listen to God speak to us through engaging, relevant Bible-based preaching. In response we speak back to him in prayer, praise and song.

Before, during and after our services, we look for opportunities to welcome all people and to grow our relationships with each other.

If you’re already a Christian believer, we hope you will be encouraged in your faith. If you’re still exploring Christianity, we trust you will discover more by your time with us.

Whoever you are, you’re very welcome on a Sunday!

What to Expect

Whether you’re just here for a one off visit or looking to join the church on a permanent basis, we hope that you feel warmly welcome and know that you are amongst friends at St Luke’s. Coming along to a church for the first time (particularly if you’re not used to it) can be a little daunting but we hope that you feel right at home among us.

There is one service every Sunday morning at 10.30am and an evening service once a month. 

On the 3rd Sunday we celebrate Holy Communion.

Every Sunday,  there are people to welcome you at the door and to help you know where to sit.  They can give you more information about the church and the service, and are ready to answer questions.

We also hope to encourage you in your understanding of the Christian faith whatever stage you’re at and we long for people get to know Christ as the Bible is taught through challenging and thought-provoking sermons. All our staff are around on any given Sunday and you can ask them anything you like about the church or Christianity in general.










Alison Palmer